Review: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide

Review: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide

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Disclaimer: The text below is a 100% honest-to-goodness review of the above-mentioned guide. I do not earn anything from writing the review nor from providing the links below.

Here’s a review of The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide from PVE Rogues:

• Has everything you need to know to get your rogue ready for raiding.
• Uses a friendly, easy to understand approach to explaining rogue concepts.
• Having all that information in one package is very convenient. The cheat sheet is a huge bonus.

• The information is also available online.
• Very text heavy. Prep your reading glasses.

The biggest advantage that you can get from this guide is convenience. I mean, yes, the content itself is excellent. It has everything you need to know to get into raiding as a rogue. It tells you what enchantments you need, what glyphs to get and what specs to use. It even tells you exactly what your rotation should be.

The text and flow are easy to understand so the only requirement that it asks from you as a player is that you have a rogue at max level. While it’s arguable that the content is also available online, what it offers differently is that it bundles that information in one convenient package.

One last thing: the website offers free upgrades so I’m assuming that if anything changes with future patches, the guide will get updated as well.

Interested parties can get it here:

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Miscellaneous Rogue Info for Cataclysm

Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in Tips |

I hit 85 a couple of days ago and I’m in the process of gearing Sin for raiding. Well, possibly anyway. There are a couple of things we need to sort out guild-wise before we get there but that’s a different story. Anyway, here are a couple of things you might want to know in case you’re also considering getting your rogue geared.

    The item level of regular dungeon drops is 333. Gear that can be acquired by Justice Points is 346. Regular dungeon drops have a heroic equivalent when you run heroic dungeons. The level of these items is also 346 and says “Heroic” under the name.

    You need an item level of 329 in your character sheet to qualify for heroic dungeons.

    Assassination provides the most DPS out of all three specs. Combat is supposed to be close. That isn’t the case in my experience though.

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, everything you need to know about Cata raiding (stats, specs, etc.) can be found here. An in-depth Assassination guide is also here. Specs, stat weights, gems, etc. are all there.

    Here’s a gear list of sorts that you might find useful, sorted by slot. Note that I only queried armor so trinkets, rings, cloaks and weapons aren’t included.

That’s it for now. Hope you find the information useful.

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Joining A Raiding Guild

Posted by on Mar 23, 2010 in Commentary |

It’s been nearly a year since I joined a raiding guild so I’m kinda in the mood to reflect on what it’s been like and how the previous months have turned out for me.

First, a lot of history. This is going to be long so consider yourself warned. Also, this isn’t a guide or anything so if you’re looking for ways to bump your DPS, this isn’t the post for that.

I started playing WoW on a private server with a couple of real-life friends and officemates. When I got banned (woot!) for exploiting, I went ahead and joined the real thing. Note that this was during TBC, pre-Sunwell. Through careful prodding, and a lot of not-so-subtle manipulation, I was able to encourage most of my friends to follow suit. We were initially Alliance. My first toon was a warlock. The first class I got to level 70 was a hunter.

I started doing 5-mans with my friends and for a while, we were content with it. It got boring later on though so we decided to gear ourselves using welfare epics by doing BGs. The repeated losses we experienced in AV prompted us to re-consider our faction and, a couple of days later, I made the decision to start over on a new realm and roll Horde. This was pre-WotLK, folks. Faction transfers weren’t in place yet so we literally had to start over from scratch.

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Late Notes On The Subtlety Changes

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Commentary |

You probably noticed that I made no comment on the upcoming changes to Subtlety. That’s because it’s the tree that I’m most unfamiliar with. I haven’t used it since the days of TBC, which is a little ironic considering that it’s the spec I leveled with.

It’s always been my opinion that Subtlety is the tree that allows you to experience what a Rogue is supposed to be like: one who’s at home in the shadows, an individual who feels more comfortable while stealthed than out of it. Unfortunately, Sub doesn’t provide optimum raid DPS. I actually had trouble letting go of it back in the day when dual specs weren’t implemented yet.

So, fast forward to today and you can tell why I didn’t write anything about it. One, I can’t say anything relevant about the changes because I haven’t been Sub for a while and won’t be able to contribute anything significant. Two, the changes won’t change raiding as a Rogue as we know it. I find that unfortunate, actually. A little variety would’ve been nice at this point.

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Mind Control Woes

Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in Commentary | 5 comments

Bosses that have Mind Control abilities always make a fight more interesting. If they cast it on a healer, the other healers have to pick up the slack. If it’s on DPS, they have to be CCed quick enough before they kill somebody. Also, there’s the chance that it might burn a cooldown you’re saving for later in the fight. Seeing it wasted is always a downer.

Lady Deathwhisper seemed to have it in for me this week. She Mind-Controlled me thrice throughout the fight. I’d imagine that something like that would be frustrating under different circumstances but given that it was a one-shot, seeing it happen that much was amusing.

I have nameplates enabled for hostile targets only and (you can probably see where this is going) when I get MCed, everybody goes red. This is probably a bad thing to say but when that happens, I can’t help but think “Go Sin!” and hope that my toon casts a couple of Fan of Knives before getting CCed. The second time I got MCed, a fellow raider typed in chat that I killed him. I didn’t see Fan of Knives cast so I wondered how he died. Then I noticed that my Killing Spree was on cooldown. Oops.

What’s your take on getting MCed? You do root for yourself when it happens, right? Tell me I’m not alone here.

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