Early Impressions: Remember Me

Early Impressions: Remember Me

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Remember Me

I played the intro level of Remember Me and found myself thinking if choosing it over Deadpool was the right move. Let’s start with the plus points first.

The game looks very good. The visuals do a great job of immersing you in the world of Neo-Paris and the science fiction that it’s trying to present. I like the way the story is set up, mixing a standard escape sequence with the horror of the game’s premise.

The gameplay feels a bit lackluster so far. I’ve only seen the combat and the platforming and both of them leave something to be desired. The former feels awkward, requiring stricter timing with even the basic moves while managing to look unrewarding. There’s no style, no flair in the way the main character fights. Jumping, climbing and shimmying along rails isn’t a smooth affair either. Overall, it seems like it wants to be a great action game and a great platformer. It’s falling short of both for now.

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Ace Attorney 5, HD Versions of Ace Attorney 1-3 Announced

Ace Attorney 5, HD Versions of Ace Attorney 1-3 Announced

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At a 10th anniversary event for the Ace Attorney series in Tokyo, Capcom officially announced Ace Attorney 5, revealing the above logo. No specifics about the game were offered, including date, platform, or characters — and there’s no character silhouette in the logo to show us who the star is.

Finally, new HD versions of the first three Ace Attorneys will be released on iOS.

via [Joystiq]

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Resident Evil 6 Announced

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SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is very proud to announce that Resident Evil® 6 is in full development and scheduled for release on the Xbox360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system on November 20, 2012 with a Windows PC version to follow. Blending action and survival horror, this latest instalment in the multi-million selling franchise, is the most ambitious, immersive and feature rich title of the series to date and promises to be the dramatic horror experience of the year.

Resident Evil 6 portrays a world where an escalation in bioterrorist attacks across the globe has led to widespread fear among the population. In an attempt to quell the panic and curb the bioterrorist activity the President of the United States has decided to speak to the nation but not before the very location of the address itself comes under attack. With the President’s safety compromised the situation for the rest of the world seems hopeless.

In a first for the franchise, Resident Evil 6 sees series favourites Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield come together to face this unprecedented threat. They will be joined by new characters, each with their own unique perspective and involvement in this relentless dramatic horror experience enacted on a global scale.

Since the landmark release of Resident Evil in 1996, the franchise has firmly established itself as a truly worldwide entertainment brand and mainstay of contemporary culture with a series of live action movies, CG anime, manga, novels and numerous merchandising lines. To date the Resident Evil series of videogames has achieved global sales of over 47 million units, while the live action movies starring Milla Jovovich have grossed in excess of $525 million dollars at the box office.

To view the announcement trailer visit www.youtube.com/residentevil

For all assets please visit press.capcom.com

To keep up to date with all the latest information on Resident Evil, please visit: www.facebook.com/residentevil

www.twitter.com/re_games and follow the official hashtag #RE6

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On Marvel VS Capcom 3, Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2: Arrival

On Marvel VS Capcom 3, Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2: Arrival

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Marvel VS Capcom 3


Here’s a quick summary of my MvC3 team: X-23 is out, She-Hulk is in, I can’t do anything without Tron assist, the third party member is a tie between Dormammu and Spencer.

Some Mass Effect Love

I’m back to playing Mass Effect 2 after downloading its latest DLC, Arrival, using the Vanguard class. I know it’s late, but I haven’t been staying home for about a month now so I didn’t have access to the computer where the game was installed until the other day. In case you haven’t heard about it, Arrival is the last "bridging" DLC that will fill the gap between Mass Effect 2 and 3. If you’re interested in reading a few details about the third installment, you can get it here and here. Scans of the Game Informer source article are available here.

If you really have a lot of time to spare and would like to get into the lore of Mass Effect, this timeline article from the wiki should get you going.

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