Fallout 4 Survival Difficulty: Gameplay Tips

Fallout 4 Survival Difficulty: Gameplay Tips

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The radroaches in Vault 111 are easy to kill. You can save your ammo.

Idiot Savant can proc during quest completion. If you’ve got a quest that has a huge XP reward, consider save scumming. Save, turn in and wait if it procs. Reload if it doesn’t. Repeat until you get the proc.

One of the best weapons you can go for is the Overseer’s Guardian. It does double damage thanks to its two-shot property, synergizes with a Rifleman build and is easily available.

Jet is a godsend. Use it if you feel overwhelmed. Better yet, get Chem Resistant to avoid getting addicted. You can build scavenging stations in your settlements to produce fertilizer, then go to your chemistry station to create the drug.

Get a companion. They can distract and tank enemies for you. When they do, you can close in and get those headshots using V.A.T.S. or just shoot them the old-fashioned way.

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Fallout 4 Survival Difficulty: Starter Build and Perks

Fallout 4 Survival Difficulty: Starter Build and Perks

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Here’s a suggested build for a ranged character. Let me explain its logic:

  • You get the Perception bobblehead early in the game, which means that you can leave it one point below your target number.
  • The “You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” book grants a point to the stat of your choice so you can do the above for another stat.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Allotment

Strength 3. For the Armorer perk so you can craft your own armor.

Perception 3. Raised to 4 using the bobblehead so you can pick locks.

Endurance 4. Chem Resistant allows you to bring chems into play without getting addicted.

Charisma 1. The link above has 3 points waiting to be assigned. You can assign them here if you want a more charismastic character. I’ve yet to care for it as a stat so this boils down to personal preference.

Intelligence 6. Science!, Scrapper and Gun Nut are all important perks for crafting. You may want to consider adding one more point so you can get Chemist, making your chems last longer. It synergizes well with Chem Resistant. A word of caution: don’t raise this too high so you can get the most out of Idiot Savant. Once you have 2 points on Idiot Savant, then feel free to max this out if you want to.

Agility 3. I found sneaking to be useful indoors, then hit or miss outdoors. I still recommend getting it though. You can get Action Boy/Girl later.

Luck 5. Idiot Savant, Mysterious Stranger, Scrounger, Fortune Finder and Bloody Mess are all great.

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Fallout 4: A Few Tips

Fallout 4: A Few Tips

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From Redditor dylloop95:


  • Sell Fusion Cores to traders before they run out, you will get much more for a partially charged core, over an empty core.
  • Pickpocket enemies with power armor to steal their Fusion Cores, this will cause them to leave the armor, and you can steal the frame
  • The Lone Wanderer perk still provides bonuses with Dog Meat as a companion
  • When Leaving your power armor remove the Fusion Core so no one will decide to use it.

Full text here.

There’s also a resource list, courtesy of Redditor sgtpepper901, in case you need more crafting components.

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Xbox 360 Is Fallout 3’s Primary Platform

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Speaking to videogaming247, Peter Hines (Bethesda Marketing Boss) stated that the lead development format for Fallout 3 is in fact the Xbox 360.“The 360 is our lead development platform, so we got it working on that one first. I mean, we develop them all simultaneously, but one of them’s got to be the lead, so it was 360.”

I can hear the PS3 fanboys screaming bloody murder right about now. Or maybe not, considering the possibility that they played Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. That’s one title fans of the series would rather forget.


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Fallout 3: Oblivion With Guns In All The Best Ways

Fallout 3: Oblivion With Guns In All The Best Ways

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Akayuki has some scans and information about Fallout 3. The Q&A portion is very interesting, covering topics ranging from gameplay to design. In-game weapons and locations are discussed in greater detail than we’ve seen from previous interviews, shedding some light on what to expect from Bethesda’s latest endeavor.

As always, the controversial first-person perspective direction is raised. Thankfully, Fallout 3 executive producer Todd Howard tackles it head-on, giving us some insight on just how Oblivion-like Fallout 3 is going to be.

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