Review: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide

Review: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide

Posted by on Feb 23, 2011 in Reviews | 2 comments

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Disclaimer: The text below is a 100% honest-to-goodness review of the above-mentioned guide. I do not earn anything from writing the review nor from providing the links below.

Here’s a review of The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide from PVE Rogues:

• Has everything you need to know to get your rogue ready for raiding.
• Uses a friendly, easy to understand approach to explaining rogue concepts.
• Having all that information in one package is very convenient. The cheat sheet is a huge bonus.

• The information is also available online.
• Very text heavy. Prep your reading glasses.

The biggest advantage that you can get from this guide is convenience. I mean, yes, the content itself is excellent. It has everything you need to know to get into raiding as a rogue. It tells you what enchantments you need, what glyphs to get and what specs to use. It even tells you exactly what your rotation should be.

The text and flow are easy to understand so the only requirement that it asks from you as a player is that you have a rogue at max level. While it’s arguable that the content is also available online, what it offers differently is that it bundles that information in one convenient package.

One last thing: the website offers free upgrades so I’m assuming that if anything changes with future patches, the guide will get updated as well.

Interested parties can get it here: