Mass Effect 3: The Ending and Damage Control

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This is another “late to the party” post because I didn’t really have anything to say about Mass Effect 3’s ending that hasn’t been said already. But with the news of Bioware releasing a DLC pack to address exactly that, I don’t think there’s any point in withholding my reaction.

I like to think of my reaction to the ending as relatively mild compared to what I’ve seen online. I made a backup copy of the auto-save as soon as I got to the Crucible, then chose the Synthesis ending. After viewing that I loaded the backup and viewed the other two outcomes (the fact that I could choose an ending is disturbing enough). I was disappointed with all three, thinking “that’s it?!?!” and found myself in disbelief over what I just saw. I didn’t touch Mass Effect 3 for a week after that, opting for Dungeon Defenders and SFxT instead. It actually felt good to see that the reactions I read online expressed the same disappointment, with varying degrees of added fury.

If you want to know where the disappointment comes from, you can check a previous post about the subject. To elaborate further, let me tell you my story about Commander Shepard.

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Games With A Twist of Poker

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The following is a sponsored post.

Classic poker is often featured as a mini-game in major titles that feature gambling. For example, Red Dead Redemption has an awesome poker mini-game that can be engaging on its own. The Liars and Cheats DLC expands it further by featuring multiplayer, allowing players to take their card skills online.

Other classic titles with poker references are Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad, combining poker and a strategy game where you play out different cards. It is also present in social gaming communities such as Second Life and World of Warcraft. Both used to have their own poker spots but were discontinued due to players using real money to play.

Video Games and Web Comics Go Head-to-Head with Poker

Last year, poker and classic characters from games and web comics met in a crossover title called “Poker Night at the Inventory”. It features characters from games like Team Fortress 2 and Sam & Max. Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner represented their respective web series.

Try Your Hand Out On The Real Deal

If you want to try out some stand-alone online poker, you can find the information here and get a crack at the real deal.

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Review: Lair of the Shadow Broker

Review: Lair of the Shadow Broker

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So I just finished Lair of the Shadow Broker two days ago. Here’s what I can tell you guys about it:

The Shadow Broker is the most powerful information broker in the Mass Effect universe, a mysterious yet lingering presence capable of manipulating people, factions and perhaps even entire planets to do his bidding, all while remaining hidden in the background. Who he is and how he’s able to do allthis have been unanswered questions since the first game. Reuniting with former squadmate Liara T’Soni in the second installment reveals that he had a hand in recovering Shepard’s corpse and, somewhere in the process, earned Liara’s wrath. Lair of the Shadow Broker promises to take you to his base of operations and a chance to continue your relationship with Liara. Does it deliver?

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Bioware Announces Dragon Age DLC: Witch Hunt

Bioware Announces Dragon Age DLC: Witch Hunt

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The dreaded Archdemon has been slain and the advance of the darkspawn halted by a lone, heroic Grey Warden. The kingdom rejoices, but at least one question remains: what happened to Morrigan? The sorceress joined the Wardens cause, but it is said her true purpose was not revealed until the eve of the last battle. She vanished into the shadows, and while rumors claimed she crossed over the mountains into Orlais no trace of her path could be found. She was never heard from again… until now. Nearly a year has passed since the Archdemon’s death, and word has reached the Wardens that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. She has been sighted in the southern wilderness where she was first encountered. Is it truly her? If it is, then why has is she here and what secret does she carry with her? The Warden heads into the forest to find out and tie up this last loose end once and for all.


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