Mass Effect 3: The Ending and Damage Control

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This is another “late to the party” post because I didn’t really have anything to say about Mass Effect 3’s ending that hasn’t been said already. But with the news of Bioware releasing a DLC pack to address exactly that, I don’t think there’s any point in withholding my reaction.

I like to think of my reaction to the ending as relatively mild compared to what I’ve seen online. I made a backup copy of the auto-save as soon as I got to the Crucible, then chose the Synthesis ending. After viewing that I loaded the backup and viewed the other two outcomes (the fact that I could choose an ending is disturbing enough). I was disappointed with all three, thinking “that’s it?!?!” and found myself in disbelief over what I just saw. I didn’t touch Mass Effect 3 for a week after that, opting for Dungeon Defenders and SFxT instead. It actually felt good to see that the reactions I read online expressed the same disappointment, with varying degrees of added fury.

If you want to know where the disappointment comes from, you can check a previous post about the subject. To elaborate further, let me tell you my story about Commander Shepard.

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Mass Effect 3: Adept Guide

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Adepts play a more prominent part in Mass Effect 3. In contrast to the supporting role that they got in the previous game, biotically-gifted individuals are not limited to taking targets out of cover and placing them in the line of fire. Reduced cooldowns allow them to use their powers more frequently and biotic detonations are easier to set up. Given the right upgrades and squad members, you’ll find yourself winning fights without firing a single shot.

The table below lists all of the available Adept powers for Commander Shepard. The asterisks after the name of the power indicate my rating for it.

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