Rogue Resources: Revisiting Macros

Posted by on Mar 24, 2009 in Guides |

A lot has changed since I last posted my macros so I thought about doing a revisit. Similar to my previous entry, I still take a 3-step approach when it comes to fights but I’ve also included a couple of other things in the mix as well. My key bindings have a lot to do with the way I play so I’ll be including those as well. Of course, feel free to modify the macros to your liking.

Stealth – Mapped to “1”

/cast [modifier:ctrl]Feint; [modifier:alt]Throw; [combat]Slice and Dice; Stealth
  1. Casts Stealth by default.
  2. Casts SnD during fights.
  3. Casts Throw when pressed with Alt.
  4. Casts Feint when pressed with Ctrl.

Not much to see here. This macro is not as situational as the others except for SnD. You’ll see what I mean when we get to the other ones.

Opener – Mapped to “2”

/cast [modifier:shift]Cold Blood; [stealth]Cheap Shot; [nostealth]Mutilate
/startattack [nostealth]

This is my basic attack macro for assassination. For combat, I use this:

/cast [modifier:shift]Adrenaline Rush; [modifier:alt]Blade Flurry; [stealth]Cheap Shot; [nostealth]Sinister Strike
/startattack [nostealth]
  1. Casts Mutilate or Sinister Strike by default.
  2. Casts Cheap Shot when stealthed.
  3. Casts Cold Blood or Adrenaline Rush when pressed with Shift.
  4. Casts Blade Flurry when pressed with Alt.

Combat has more skills to trigger like Adrenaline Rush and Blade Flurry compared to assassination so it has more modifiers. I feel more comfortable pressing Alt than Shift, so skills with shorter cooldowns get mapped there. The last line of both macros ensures that you attack your target whenever you’re not stealthed. Without that line, the following problems may occur:

Switching targets may cause your toon to stop attacking (depending on your settings).
Your toon will do nothing out of stealth. That would be defeating the purpose of something that’s supposed to be an attack macro.
Your toon will do nothing if he or she does not have enough energy to do the default attack skill (in this case, that’s either Mutilate or Sinister Strike).

Finisher – Mapped to “3”

/cast [modifier:alt]Envenom; [modifier:ctrl]Eviscerate; [modifier:shift]Rupture; [stealth]Garrote; Kidney Shot
  1. Casts Kidney Shot by default.
  2. Casts Garrote when stealthed.
  3. Casts Rupture when pressed with Shift.
  4. Casts Envenom when pressed with Alt.
  5. Casts Eviscerate when pressed with Ctrl.

Replace Kidney Shot with your preferred finisher except for Slice and Dice (see the first macro). I stunlock when I do dailies or farm so that’s why it’s my default skill. Just substitute the modifiers and abilities to your liking.

Multi-purpose – Mapped to “`”

/castrandom [modifier:alt]Dismantle; [combat]Shiv; [stealth]Pick Pocket; [flyable]Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, Onyx Netherwing Drake; Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Horn of the Frostwolf Howler
/dismount [flying]
  1. Casts a random land mount by default.
  2. Casts a random flying mount if flying is permitted.
  3. Casts Pick Pocket when stealthed.
  4. Casts Shiv during fights.
  5. Casts Dismantle when pressed with Alt.

This is an all-purpose macro that has actions specific to certain situations. I can pick pockets with it if I’m stealthed, cast Shiv when in combat and cast Dismantle when I want to. Outside of combat and stealth, this becomes a mount macro. The last line will dismount me whenever I’m flying.

That’s it. Again, change the key bindings, skills and modifiers to what you prefer. Hopefully this will help you create your own macros. For you subtlety rogues, sorry if I didn’t include it because I haven’t played that spec in a while. Also, you’ll notice that some important skills like Hunger For Blood and Kick are not included. They’re assigned to individual buttons so that’s why you don’t see them here.