World of Warcraft: Rogue Macros

Posted by on Jan 25, 2008 in Guides | 1 comment

Here are some of the macros I use for my Rogue for World of Warcraft. Please note that I’m using a work-in-progress Subtlety spec, so some of the skills and talents here may not be applicable to you. If that’s the case, feel free to swap them with your preferred skills.

I currently alternate between two sets of macros: one for straightforward damage and another for stunlocking. In my experience, the latter offers better survivability in the long run, but I don’t recommend using it until you have at least two stunning abilities. I’m only at level 33, so I use Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot.

I take a 3-step approach to combat: stealth > opener > finisher. I know it’s a no-brainer, but it’s better to be clear about it now than explain it later. The 3-step sequence means I enable stealth, approach my target, hit it with my opener and finally hit my finisher. Note that the finisher doesn’t necessarily kill my target, in which case I cycle back to my opener again.

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s head to the macros themselves.

Here’s the damage set:


/cast [modifier:alt]Backstab; [stealth]Ambush
/castsequence [nostealth]reset=20 Ghostly Strike, Sinister Strike,
Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike,
Sinister Strike

What it does:

1. Casts Ambush if stealthed. Note that Ambush also requires you to be behind your target. Swap this with some other opener that requires stealth (like Garrote) if you wish.

2. Press ALT to cast Backstab. The beauty of Backstab is that you’re only required to be behind your target. Stealth is not a requirement.

3. The /castsequence command does exactly what it sounds like: it will cast skills in the sequence that you listed them. The [nostealth] entry ensures that this line will execute only when you’re out of stealth. It’s possible to add a [combat] qualifier here, but doing that will prevent you from using the macro when you’re out of stealth and out of combat. Do you really want to sneak up on every target, including low level mobs?

4. The “reset=20” condition will reset the sequence after 20 seconds. Ghostly Strike has a cooldown period of 20 seconds. Placing the reset condition will enable you to cast Ghostly Strike whenever it becomes available. To fully understand it, let’s go through a typical combat scenario:

a. Cast Stealth (the macro doesn’t cover that).

b. Press the button assigned to the macro once. If you met the requirements, you’ll cast Ambush. You will also be taken out of stealth.

c. Pressing the button again will cast Ghostly Strike. Press it again to cast Sinister Strike. The macro is programmed to cast Sinister Strike six times in total before the sequence resets.

d. There are two ways for the sequence to reset. Either you cast Sinister Strike six times, or the 20-second reset condition (caused by “reset=20”) is met. Regardless of which one comes first, you’ll be back to casting Ghostly Strike.

This macro was inspired by this entry. I just integrated the sneak attack and made a few adjustments. With that said, let’s move on to the finisher.


/cast [modifier:alt]Eviscerate; Rupture

What it does:

1. Casts Rupture.

2. Press ALT to cast Eviscerate. In case you run into mobs that are immune to Rupture, you can use this one instead.

Again, feel free to replace the skills here with what you prefer to use. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the macros here as a basis for your own. Send me feedback on how to improve them.

The stunlock macros will be presented later this week. It’s more or less the same idea anyway.