Making Cards Quick or Free in Midnight Suns

Making Cards Quick or Free in Midnight Suns

Posted by on Jun 3, 2023 in Commentary, featured, Guides |


  • Credits and essences. Resources are going to be needed to do this. 2000 credits and 4000 of each essence should be enough.
  • Updated and modded cards. Updating and / or modding before re-rolling messes up the count sometimes, so update and mod beforehand.
  • Cards that draw cards and cards that deal AoE damage cannot re-roll Quick or Free.


  • Re-roll until you get Quick or Free. Count the number of re-rolls while doing so.
  • To reduce the number of re-rolls, craft cards until you’re two re-rolls away from your target re-roll number.
    • Let’s say it took 6 re-rolls to get Quick or Free. Craft 4 cards, then re-roll.
    • You should only need 2 re-rolls to get Quick or Free.
  • If you’re not getting Quick or Free, or it’s taking 25 re-rolls for them to show up, you can change your re-roll results by opening a Gamma Coil.
  • Another way to change results is to talk to Charlie, but only if you are rewarded with Arcane Knowledge.
  • Happy re-rolling!