Ulduar & Rogues: Flame Leviathan & Razorscale

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been raiding Ulduar thanks to a guild that’s been gracious enough to include me during their runs. Yeah, it’s a PUG, but when you’re always tagging along with them you kind of get used to how their guild works and how they do their runs. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been able to gather so far on what you’re supposed to do as a rogue in the early parts of Ulduar. Before we get into that, let me set the expectations first:

This is a guide specific to what rogues should be doing. This isn’t a comprehensive Ulduar guide nor does it outline boss strategies and abilities.

My experience is limited to the 25-man version.

For now, I can only take you as far as Auriaya. I have not had the privilege of defeating any of the keepers yet.

With that said, let’s begin.

Flame Leviathan

Since this is a vehicle fight none of your skills matter. Put on your highest level gear (in terms of item level) and learn how to use the vehicles. I doubt you’ll be driving a siege engine, but in case you do, I’ll cover it anyway.

Salvaged Siege Engine Driver

  • Interrupt FL’s Flame Vents using Electroshock.
  • When you get the warning that it’s about to select a new target, move away. Backing up is too slow and will absolutely not do. You can use Steam Rush to move away quickly if you need to.

Salvaged Siege Engine Passenger

  • Use your anti-air rockets to shoot down pyrite. This is very important to keep the fight short and manageable.
  • Use your rockets to ignite the tar to pop a DoT on FL.
  • Pop the shield if FL gets too close.

Salvaged Demolisher Driver

  • Hurl pyrite barrels if you can spare it.
  • Launch passengers to take out FL’s turrets.
  • Be on the lookout for pyrite on the ground and inform your passenger that you’re going to drive over to pick it up.

Salvaged Demolisher Passenger

  • Use your anti-air rockets to shoot down pyrite.
  • Use your rockets to ignite the tar to pop a DoT on FL.
  • Be on the lookout for pyrite on the ground and reload whenever you can.
  • Use the speed boost if FL gets too close.
  • Get ready to take out turrets if you get launched. Look for chopper drivers to pick you up once you get ejected from FL. Look for a demolisher to repeat the process.

Salvaged Chopper

  • Lay down tar on FL’s path.
  • Be on the lookout for launched passengers and pick them up. Bring them back to the demolishers.


Phase 1

  • Stay with the rest of melee DPS.
  • Hit Tricks, then Fan of Knives and burn down mobs when your tanks pull them.
  • Watch out for sentinels and get the hell out of their way. They look like Vrykul and only spawn one at a time. Let ranged DPS take care of them and get ready to jump back to the fight when they go down.
  • When Razorscale goes down, burn him. Hit your trinkets and cooldowns and bring his health down fast. The goal is to get him to 50% HP ASAP so he gets grounded. If there are remaining adds, use FoK, but your focus should remain on Razorscale. When he goes up, hit the remaining adds. Repeat the process until you get to Phase 2.

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 is a tank and spank. Your tanks have to taunt the boss back and forth but that’s not your problem anymore. Kill any remaining adds and then burn Razorscale.

We’ll cover XT and Ignis, maybe Iron Council on the next post.