World of Warcraft Talent Analysis: Beast Mastery Part 3

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Continued from Part 2

Tier VII
Ferocious Inspiration – what gives this the edge over Catlike Reflexes is that everyone in your party gets a 3% damage boost when your pet gets a critical hit. Note that this boost is indiscriminate, so regardless whether it’s physical or magical, everybody simply hits harder. If you took Ferocity, it makes sense to invest in this one as well.

Bestial Wrath – this talent is why you took Beast Mastery in the first place. Activating this ability increases your pet’s damage and makes it immune to any crowd control spell. That means no fear, no polymorph, no sleep, no nothing. It’s also got a decent cooldown period of two minutes, so just slap Aspect of the Viper on if you’re low on mana and you should be able to activate it. If a fight isn’t going your way, use this ability to turn the tide.

Catlike Reflexes – this talent provides a dodge boost to your pet. It’s actually pretty good as it is, just overshadowed by Ferocious Inspiration. If you solo a lot, you can take this instead of Ferocious Inspiration. Hell, if you’ve got the points, take them both.

Serpent’s Swiftness – this makes you and your pet attack faster, giving both of you more DPS. Note that you only get a ranged attack speed boost, so stay away from your foes if you want to take advantage of this one.

Tier IX
The Beast Within – gives you more damage, reduces the casting cost of your spells and makes you immune to crowd control abilities. It has the unfortunate side effect of making you red, announcing to the world that you have it on and that your PvP foes should kill you immediately. No, it doesn’t raise your threat level in PvE, so don’t worry about that. It’s just that the color change tends to make you everyone’s target. Other than that, this is a very good talent to invest in.