World of Warcraft Talent Analysis: Beast Mastery Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Tier IV
Improved Mend Pet – the difficult thing to do with this tier is that both talents provide you with viable options for a better pet. This one increases pet survivability. You may think that the reduced mana cost isn’t much of a benefit (and with good mana management, it’s true), but the chance to remove a debuff is a big bonus, especially when you’re up against multiple foes or elites.

Ferocity – if you’re looking for more pet damage (and who isn’t?) invest points in this. Just to end my confusion with this tier, I maxed both talents.

Tier V
Spirit Bond – this is similar to Bestial Swiftness: you’ll miss it if you lose it. The health regeneration may not be much, but note that it works even in combat. Think of it as a free, albeit slow, regeneration buff. It’s handy, but not a must-have.

Intimidation – get this. First, it’s only one point. Second, it’s a prerequisite of Bestial Wrath, the ultimate pet buff. Third, it’s a really cool skill to have. It stuns opponents and generates threat, directing their attention to your pet. Use it to interrupt spellcasters and re-focus foes who are attacking you.

Tier VI
Bestial Discipline – more focus means more pet abilities. That’s more Claw, Bite, Dash, Dive and whatever pet skills you can think of. Definitely a must-have.

Animal Handler – Handy, but not a must-have. You only get the benefit if you’re mounted, so this is for impatient people. Quite frankly, you’re better off with Frenzy.

Frenzy – maxing this out gives your pet an attack speed boost, raising its DPS. More DPS = more damage, so get it.

To be concluded in Part 3.