Top 10 Signs You Love Being A Rogue

Top 10 Signs You Love Being A Rogue

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Following my last post, I thought about writing things I like about the class. Don’t get me wrong, folks, I still love being one. I wouldn’t write QQ about it if I didn’t care. Anyway, here’s the list of top ten signs you love about being a Rogue.

    #10 – Illidan is your favorite lore character. Or maybe Garona.

    #9 – You love stunlocking.

    #8 – You love picking pockets and then stunlocking.

    #7 – You think mana is for wusses.

    #6 – Poisons are more likely to be in your inventory than food.

    #5 – You consider unlocking doors and chests an actual skill.

    #4 – You’re a big Nightcrawler fan.

    #3 – When in doubt, vanish.

    #2 – You love doing it from behind.

    #1 – You think pain should be delivered up close and personal.