Tips: Playing as Axton the Commando on Borderlands 2

Tips: Playing as Axton the Commando on Borderlands 2

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Guides |

My first playthrough of Borderlands 2 was spent on using Axton the Commando. While I think he’s a decent character, I was underwhelmed by the overall experience. Near the end of the game I was hoping to just get the story over with so I could start with either Zer0 the Assassin or Maya the Siren.

To be fair, I did not play as Roland back in the original so I can’t comment on whether Axton plays the same or not. As a DPS-focused guy I think I simply selected the wrong class for my style of play. In other words, don’t take what I just said as a review of the Commando class. I think it was just a wrong choice on my part.

Anyway, after playing around with the Gunpowder tree I found that Guerilla style gave me the damage I was looking for. The tree is all about making the turret as powerful as possible. Here’s my recommended build for the early levels:


The single point in Preparation is for health regeneration. For better survivability you may want to add points to Willing and Able under the Guerilla tree. For more gun-based damage, look no further than Impact (Gunpowder tree).

Turret tips:

  • Get it out then take cover.
  • If you have a shield that can recharge quickly you can run circles around the turret. Enemies will converge on you, making them easier targets for your gun.
  • Turret placement is crucial. The last thing you want is a gun that can’t hit its target. For example, it’s possible for the rocket pods to deploy inside a wall. The missiles will hit the wall and nothing else.
  • The turret prioritizes targets based on proximity. This means you should take care of enemies who are far away while it handles those who are nearby.