The Icecrown Citadel: Lord Marrowgar

The Icecrown Citadel: Lord Marrowgar

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Lord Marrowgar is the first boss of ICC. Here’s how to deal with him.

  • He only has two phases: a melee phase and a whirlwind phase.
  • During the melee phase, stand behind him while staying inside his hit box. He has a frontal attack that requires tanks to stack on top of each other similar to the Patchwerk fight. Don’t make the mistake of standing in front of him. Give him a wide berth.
  • Standing inside his hit box will prevent the fire from touching you. It’s one less thing to worry about.
  • He will cast bone spikes which will impale a few group members and render them immobile. Throw a quick Fan of Knives while you get your bearings and target the spikes. Take them out then resume DPS on the boss.
  • When he does his whirlwind phase, he behaves like a top, moving to a spot, staying there, then moving to another, all while spinning around. Unlike most whirlwinds from other bosses, his won’t one-shot you (at least on normal 10 and 25 versions). Just do your best to avoid him while he does his thing.
  • He will drop blue fire on the ground where he stops. It spreads in an X-shaped pattern and crawls across the floor. Avoid it as much as you can. In my experience, you can jump over it and not take any damage (or it’s minimal damage, I couldn’t tell).
  • If you have to choose between avoiding the whirlwind or the fire, take the latter. It’s more survivable.
  • Once the whirlwind phase is over, wait for your tanks to re-establish aggro because it will reset. Go back to what you were doing during the melee phase.

Here’s the TL;DR version:

  • Melee phase: stay behind him, inside his hit box. Kill the bone spikes when they’re up. DPS the boss.
  • Whirlwind phase: avoid the boss, avoid the fire. Wait for tanks to gain aggro once the melee phase resumes.