The Icecrown Citadel: A Rogue Guide

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A quick guide to the 5-man bosses of the Icecrown Citadel:
The Forge of Souls:


  • He will create soul fragments from a member of the party. The fragment will spawn from where the party member is located. It will then start moving toward Bronjahm. If it reaches him, it will heal him. Obviously, killing the fragment is a priority. The group also has the option of creating distance between the boss and whichever party member that becomes the fragment source.
  • When he’s close to death, he will move to the center of the room and create a vortex around him. Anyone who gets hit by it is damaged, so move in along with him. He will cast fear on someone, possibly causing the feared player to run to the vortex. This is something that’s more for your healers but watch out for it anyway. Can anyone confirm if Cloak of Shadows works when you run to the vortex?

The Devourer of Souls:

  • This thing reminds me of a quintesson.
  • When it uses Mirrored Soul, stop DPS. You’ll be killing the team member who received the debuff if you don’t.
  • Unleash Souls will spawn adds. Try to avoid them as much as you can. They don’t hurt a lot but become troublesome once they gank you. Use Evasion if necessary.
  • Wailing Souls shouldn’t be a problem for you if you’re doing what rogues were born to do: attacking from behind. Still, if you do see it being cast, move behind the target.

The Pit of Saron:

Forgemaster Garfrost:

  • Permafrost is a problem for healers. The best way to deal with it is to avoid unnecessary damage (meaning don’t get hit by massive boulders) and DPS as much as you can. Killing him faster means leaving less chances for your healer to run out of mana.
  • When he runs to a forge to craft something, you can either chase him (make sure the rest of your party does so as well) or you can hide behind the boulders to avoid Permafrost damage.

Ick and Krick:

  • Make sure your group clears the trash around the boss. Those pats have a nasty habit of inviting themselves to the fight thanks to a party member that isn’t paying attention.
  • There’s a lot of poison to avoid, giving this encounter a lot of movement. Move away from the puddles.
  • If the boss goes after you, run away. Pursuit will one-shot you.
  • When it casts that nova spell, run away from it.

Scourgelord Tyrannus:

  • He likes hearing himself talk.
  • Overlord’s Brand is an ability that’s best understood before the fight begins. If you get the debuff and attack the boss, you’re also hitting the tank. The boss can also get healed by it. The groups I’ve been in have never had a problem with it but it’s better to be prepared.
  • His mount, Rimefang, will cast ice spells that freeze targeted party members. The game calls out who it’s cast on so move away from him or her. The damage itself isn’t too bad so if you get hit, it doesn’t mean it’s a wipe.

Halls of Reflection:

  • Once you’re done with the dialogue, the place becomes a static gauntlet. You fight waves of adds followed by a boss then more waves followed by the other boss. Unlike Violet Hold or Black Morass, wiping after the first boss is downed doesn’t reset the entire thing. You start from first wave after killing the first boss.
  • Once again, this place is more of a problem for your tank. Your job is to DPS as fast as you can. Take down the casters first. I usually just TotT + FoK the entire thing. If you have a death knight in your group, have him or her Death Grip a caster or hunter to the group to help your tank out.
  • The bosses themselves are easy. Well of Corruption from the second boss is the only thing you’ll need to avoid. Getting to the part where you can fight them is the hard part.
  • The next mob after the encounter is a huge undead guy that will spawn copies of your group, similar to what happens with the Herald Volazj fight in Ahn’kahet (AKA OK). There’s no phasing involved this time, so just bring it down as quickly as you can.
  • You’ll run up to the throne room. Move to the right exit and get ready for another gauntlet. Your group along with Sylvanas or Jaina will start to run away from the Lich King. He will block your path with huge ice walls and then proceed to move forward very slowly. Waves of undead will also start attacking you. After you deal with them, the wall will shatter and your group does more running away. You’ll repeat this process three or four times.
  • Don’t get close to the Lich King. He has an aura that deals 6k-7k damage on plate (I was on my DK at the time) per second. Imagine what he can do to leather.
  • When you board the ship, a chest will spawn signalling the end of the instance. Get your loot and celebrate.