Steam Summer Sale Shopping List

Posted by on Jul 12, 2011 in Commentary | 2 comments

The Steam Summer Sale is over. What did you buy this year? It’s actually my first time to participate, being a latecomer to Steam and all. Here’s my list:

  • Half-Life 2 (for shame, I know)
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (ditto!)
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (see above)
  • Bioshock
  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • X3: Terran Conflict

I didn’t buy HL2 back when it was all the rage and ignored it the other times it was on sale because I was distracted by a certain game. Now that that’s over I can spend some time playing other titles. HL2 and Bioshock are installed. I’ll get to them as soon as I’m done with Metal Gear Solid 4. Currently downloading X3. I hope it’s good. I haven’t played a good space sim since Freelancer.

What did you buy?

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