Final Fantasy XII: Weapons

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To continue my posts about Final Fantasy XII, I’m going to further describe my experience in getting some of the stronger weapons in the game, aside from the Tournesol.

Again, I’ll be using the same references. I will also be making references to my previous post about getting the Tournesol.

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Final Fantasy XII: The Tournesol

Posted by on Jan 21, 2008 in Guides | 9 comments

I finally got The Sunflower.

I’ve been receiving a lot of email regarding my last post on the subject. Apparently, I’m not the only one looking for information on how to get the sword. So in this post, I will detail my experience in getting The Sunflower.

First of all, go here:

That is GameFAQ’s page for Final Fantasy XII. I used the following guides:

  • sephirosuy’s FAQ/Walkthrough
  • sephirosuy’s 80 Rare Monster List
  • Arthellinus’ Power Walkthrough

Like I said before, you need 3 Serpentarius, 3 Empyreal Soul and 3 Gemsteel to get the Tournesol. It was already late in the game when I started working on getting it. All of my characters were equipped with the Deathbringer (check the Power Walkthrough), which was easy enough to obtain.

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