Final Fantasy XII: The Tournesol

Posted by on Jan 21, 2008 in Guides | 9 comments

I finally got The Sunflower.

I’ve been receiving a lot of email regarding my last post on the subject. Apparently, I’m not the only one looking for information on how to get the sword. So in this post, I will detail my experience in getting The Sunflower.

First of all, go here:

That is GameFAQ’s page for Final Fantasy XII. I used the following guides:

  • sephirosuy’s FAQ/Walkthrough
  • sephirosuy’s 80 Rare Monster List
  • Arthellinus’ Power Walkthrough

Like I said before, you need 3 Serpentarius, 3 Empyreal Soul and 3 Gemsteel to get the Tournesol. It was already late in the game when I started working on getting it. All of my characters were equipped with the Deathbringer (check the Power Walkthrough), which was easy enough to obtain.

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