Late Notes On The Subtlety Changes

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Commentary |

You probably noticed that I made no comment on the upcoming changes to Subtlety. That’s because it’s the tree that I’m most unfamiliar with. I haven’t used it since the days of TBC, which is a little ironic considering that it’s the spec I leveled with.

It’s always been my opinion that Subtlety is the tree that allows you to experience what a Rogue is supposed to be like: one who’s at home in the shadows, an individual who feels more comfortable while stealthed than out of it. Unfortunately, Sub doesn’t provide optimum raid DPS. I actually had trouble letting go of it back in the day when dual specs weren’t implemented yet.

So, fast forward to today and you can tell why I didn’t write anything about it. One, I can’t say anything relevant about the changes because I haven’t been Sub for a while and won’t be able to contribute anything significant. Two, the changes won’t change raiding as a Rogue as we know it. I find that unfortunate, actually. A little variety would’ve been nice at this point.

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