The Weekend That Was

Posted by on May 21, 2009 in Commentary |

If you went to my Twitter page recently (and you should, just to show me some love, LOL), you’ll know that I was looking forward to heading to Ulduar over the weekend. It’s not that I haven’t been there. I have, thanks to a 25-man PUG whose raid leader was nice enough to bring me along even though I was a bit undergeared for it. The eagerness was more on going through the instance with my guildmates. It’s always a lot more fun to raid with people you actually know. I have to admit that I was also looking forward to leading the raid again, so I reviewed boss strats and what-not. To make a long story short, we ended up not going through it because we didn’t have enough people.

Things evened themselves out later on. First, I was finally able to pick up this title. We’ve been trying to get that title ever since we jumped realms so it’s good to finally get it. The embarassing thing was that I was the only one who died during Malygos’ third phase. He dropped the shield, which made a certain paladin very happy.

The last thing is even sweeter. This is going to be very indulgent, by the way, but remembering how well it turned out still makes me smile. I was able to join a Naxx 25 PUG and, to make a long story short, Sapphiron and KT dropped their respective daggers. Before you start calling me a greedy bastard, no one rolled on Sapph’s drop and I just plain won the weapon from KT. You’ll probably call me a greedy bastard anyway, but there it is.

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