The Ruby Sanctum: Halion Guide

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Blizzard opened Ruby Sanctum this week so it’s time for another strategy guide. Let’s focus on the final boss of the raid, Halion.

Phase 1

Like any dragon boss, Halion has a cleave and a tail swipe so you want to stand on the side of one of his hind legs and DPS from there. He will put a debuff on a random raid member called Fiery Combustion. The best way to handle it is to run and head for the outer wall, then wait for someone to dispel it from you (you can use Cloak of Shadows to remove it yourself). The reason behind this is because there’s a secondary effect that you don’t want to spread to the raid. Running to the outside wall minimizes the chances of doing that. Watch out for Meteor Strike as well. There’s a visual effect that looks like a ripple of fire that indicates where it’s going to drop. Avoid it, then stay out of the fire that spreads from it.

At 75% HP, he’ll go to phase 2.

Phase 2

Welcome to the Twilight Phase. Give your tanks a couple of seconds to pick him up (Tricks if it’s up, of course), then DPS the boss. The debuff to watch out for here is Soul Consumption. The same strategy applies; if you get it, run to the outside wall, have it dispelled (again, Cloak works), then resume DPSing.

The second thing to watch out for here is that there are two orbs orbiting the outside wall. At some point you’ll get a warning, followed by the appearance of a purple beam connecting the two orbs. This is the Twilight Cutter. Regardless of how might think of the color purple, this beam will kill you if you stand in it.

At 50% HP, Halion moves to phase 3.

Phase 3

There are now two versions of Halion, one in the physical realm (phase 1) and another in the twilight realm (phase 2). Your raid leader will you which phase to go to but the point here is that both versions have to have the same amount of HP as much as possible. So if physical Halion is at 48% HP, twilight Halion has to be the same or very close to it. Otherwise, he’ll regenerate. He retains his abilities in both phases, so aside from watching his health, both groups have to deal with the debuffs, the meteors and the cutters.

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