Demon’s Souls Quick Start Gear Guide

Demon’s Souls Quick Start Gear Guide

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I’m just going to re-post something I wrote somewhere else here. It’s sort of a quick start gear guide (meaning where to find good gear early in the game) for Demon’s Souls:

• IMO, the best starting class is the Royal. Other than having an offensive spell available (Soul Arrow), you also get a Fragrant Ring (provides MP regen) by default. It makes killing even the tougher mobs possible.

• Get the Thief’s Ring ASAP. You’ll find it in the same ledge where you first find Prince Ostrava. Equip it. Mobs will have a harder time detecting you, making you less of a target.

• Buying a Heater Shield (2000 souls) from the Nexus blacksmith will let you block 100% of incoming physical damage. It’s better than most default shields. And while we’re at it, I suggest learning how to read the stats page (like knowing what the strength and dexterity requirements of a weapon are).

• After finishing 1-1 and opening the other zones, I suggest you go to 4-1 to get a Talisman of God (you’ll need it to cast Miracles AKA healing spells), a Crescent Falchion +1 (a good sword given your current level, see below) and a Regen Ring (HP regen).

• The skeleton mob in 4-1 is intimidating at first but he’s not too tough once you learn his attack. Keep your shield up, block his attack then counter with one of you own. Keep doing this (watch your stamina otherwise your block will fail when it reaches 0) until he dies. You also don’t want to get hit by his overhead swing. It’s slow, giving you time to roll out of the way. If it hits it’s guaranteed to stun you and leave you open for another attack. Just to give you an idea, the Crescent Falchion +1 you’ll get from this level should kill him in 3-4 swings (2 if you manage to land 2 R2 attacks).

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