Dragon Age 2, Marvel VS Capcom 3

Dragon Age 2, Marvel VS Capcom 3

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Commentary |

x23• I quit WoW again. I know, I know. Been there, done that. I stopped playing mid-February. The subscription expired on March 13. I still like the game but I’m done with it for now. I hope the posts I wrote about it were in some ways useful.

• I’ve been playing Marvel VS Capcom 3 in between my Dragon Age 2 sessions. I still don’t have a third character to fill my main team of X-23 and Tron. I’m not too crazy about X-23’s low health but her combo and OTG are easy so I can’t complain much. With that said, MvC3 has been a humbling experience. I’m learning that I no longer have the execution to pull off the moves of some of the more complex characters. Wolverine’s Drill Claw to Dive Kick then OTG? Yeah, I keep messing that up. He’d be a part of the main team otherwise. I’ve been using him since X-Men VS Street Fighter. The game’s making me wish I had a fightstick.

• I finished Dragon Age 2 by accident last week. Kinda pissed me off, actually. What happened was I was following this guide that listed the good gear from the game. What I failed to realize was that it involved doing a main quest. Long story short, I went to a certain area to turn in a side quest, a place where a main quest was also due for a turn in. When I got there, the storyline sequence started. The ending storyline sequence. Crap. I’m playing it again using a mage.

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