Skyrim Creation Kit Out On Tuesday

Skyrim Creation Kit Out On Tuesday

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The long-awaited Creation Kit for Skyrim will be released on Tuesday, finally giving players the official tools to make mods for the game. Marketing VP Pete Hines announced the release date through a tweet recently and also promised a special surprise to come along with it. What it is is anyone’s guess.

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Witcher 2: Modding Geralt

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Witcher 2 allows you to modify Geralt according to your liking. Modding his stats and abilities is a simple task thanks to an easy-to-read XML file. By the end of this guide you should become comfortable with editing Geralt to mold him to the witcher you want him to be.

Getting Started

1. Download this file. Name it as geralt_basic.xml.

2. Open it using a text or XML editor.

3. Lines in brackets like <this> are entries you can look for in the file.

4. What you’re looking at is my modified file. If you have a mod already installed it might have its own version of geralt_basic (check \<witcher 2 install folder>\CookedPC\abilities\). I recommend you edit that instead.

5. If you’re editing an existing geralt_basic then the min/max values are likely going to be different. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Editing Geralt

Let’s move on to a few notable entries:

<vitality mult="false" always_random="false" min="100" max="100"/>

The numbers determines how much health Geralt has.

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