Microsoft and News Corporation Announce New TV, News and Web Video Apps for Xbox 360

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NEW YORK & REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Microsoft Corp. and News Corporation today announced plans to launch a series of new apps for Xbox LIVE that will feature content from News Corp.’s leading broadcast, news and Web properties. The apps will incorporate content — as well as voice- and motion-activated controls using Kinect for Xbox 360 — from brands including Fox Broadcasting Co. (FOX), Fox News Channel, IGN Entertainment Inc. and The Wall Street Journal.

Video content from the Fox News Channel and FOX apps will be made available to authenticated subscribers of participating cable and satellite television distributors. News Corp. expects to announce authentication agreements to support the FOX and Fox News apps in the near future.

All the News Corp. apps will be available to Xbox LIVE Gold members and are slated to launch in 2012*.

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Microsoft Flight To Become Available For Free This Spring

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Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is going to be re-launched this spring with Microsoft Flight.

“Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series, which was in dormant state until now, will see a re-launch this spring and that too for free. The name of this series will be simply Flight, and players will have free access to the digital sky with this simulator. In other words, it will be available as a free download; however, the user would need to buy additional content to enhance their experience. The content that can be purchased includes aircraft as well as new environments. Microsoft states that the most amazing part of this game is the user can experience some real life locations like Big Island of Hawaii along with ‘region-specific weather patterns, foliage, terrain and landmarks.'”


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Red Ring of Death Explained

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The Red Ring of Death has been plaguing Xbox 360 owners for years now. It’s comparable with the Blue Screen of Death in Windows, which is, in some cases, a recoverable problem. Unlike its software counterpart, the Red Ring of Death is to be taken literally: when it happens, your console is dead. No amount of homemade tinkering can be done to bring it back to life. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and has offered a 3-year extension on Xbox 360 warranties. It’s a good deal, but it’s a solution that doesn’t tackle the problem head-on.

If you’ve ever wondered what causes the issue, then you’re in luck. A recent interview reveals information about the Xbox 360 hardware and gives out the probable reasons why the console fails. Be warned though: this is labeled as insider info, so take it with a grain of salt.

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