Getting Back Into Gaming

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Pardon the long absence. I went on a business trip and was not able to play much.

When I got back the first order of business was to fix my Diablo characters. Patch 2.3 hit while I was away so I took the time to find out what the latest builds where and set my characters to where I wanted them to be. I’ve managed to get three of them up to par, namely my witch doctor, demon hunter and monk. Fine-tuning what can be re-rolled is next. Of the three, I like the demon hunter the best. She just clears entire packs of monsters with Multishot.

I’m also playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It took a while to find my groove with it. I was forcing a pure stealth playthrough when it wasn’t necessary. I’m content with getting no combat alerts. If the trophies are not too crazy I might consider going for the platinum.

Finally, I started a new Bloodborne playthrough. I’m not sure if I’ll get around to finishing it. I just wanted to see if I still had it. I stopped when I killed the blood-starved beast.

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Steam Summer Sale Shopping List

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The Steam Summer Sale is over. What did you buy this year? It’s actually my first time to participate, being a latecomer to Steam and all. Here’s my list:

  • Half-Life 2 (for shame, I know)
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (ditto!)
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (see above)
  • Bioshock
  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • X3: Terran Conflict

I didn’t buy HL2 back when it was all the rage and ignored it the other times it was on sale because I was distracted by a certain game. Now that that’s over I can spend some time playing other titles. HL2 and Bioshock are installed. I’ll get to them as soon as I’m done with Metal Gear Solid 4. Currently downloading X3. I hope it’s good. I haven’t played a good space sim since Freelancer.

What did you buy?

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In Bullets

In Bullets

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Pinger• Resumed playing Crysis 2 (PS3) last week. Managed to finish it the following day, normal difficulty only. I think I was about halfway through the campaign when I stopped so things ended quickly. Currently on the second playthrough with the difficulty level ramped one notch higher. Tip #1: grabbing then crouching results in an instant kill. You also lose all suit energy so be warned. Tip #2: Two blocks of C4 are enough to kill Heavies when applied directly. Speaking of enemies, I hate Pingers. The wiki says they can be taken down with 4 blocks of C4. I hope it works.

• Tried to get back into Assassin’s Creed 2: Brotherhood after not playing it for months. Got into a fight by accident. Found out the hard way that I forgot how to defend myself. Won by shooting my opponent when I equipped the gun by accident. The first ten minutes of reacquainting myself with the game was full of fail. Currently gathering all feathers, treasure and other collectibles in the game.

Retribution• Currently on my 4th playthrough of Dawn of War II: Retribution. Finished the Space Marines and Eldar campaigns on Normal. Tyranid playthrough is on hold while I’m trying out the Chaos Marines.

• Finally figured out how to do a decent Magneto combo on Marvel VS Capcom 3. Unable to do it consistently. Damn fingers refuse to move correctly. I’d like to get to a point where I can do the combo without going through a warmup session in training mode first.

• Started playing Metal Gear Solid 4 the other day. Still undecided on how I want to shoot (3rd or 1st person). Probably too early to do so anyway. I’m still struggling with the controls a bit. The game looks fun though.

• Trying out Bulletstorm. And no, the bullet-style updates weren’t inspired by that game.

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