Trial of the Crusader 2: Lord Jaraxxus

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The entire fight is an exercise in staying out of stuff that can kill you. If you can do that while doing decent DPS, you’re all set. The target you’ll be DPSing depends on who your raid leader will assign you to. The fight starts out as a tank and spank then becomes livelier when the adds spawn.

Lord Jaraxxus

  • Interrupt Fel Fireball.
  • Watch out for Legion Flame, regardless of whether it’s cast on you or not. It’s a debuff that does fire damage and leaves fire on the ground. Anyone that stays in it dies, obviously. If it’s on you, run to the outer wall so you don’t end up spreading fire all over the place. Keep running along the wall until the debuff is gone. I think you can use Cloak of Shadows to remove the debuff, but even if you can, you’ll still end up with fire on the ground, so it’s best to just move away from the group and run along the wall.
  • The part about watching if it’s cast on you or not is dependent on whether Legion Flame is cast on someone in the melee group. Keep your eyes open and stay out of the fire.

Mistress of Pain

This add is spawned when a Nether Portal opens during the fight. The portal itself does damage to nearby players so stay away from it. The mistress herself is just TnS, but watch out for the piledriver and get ready to pop a pot or healthstone in case you’re out of heal range. Because Jaraxxus’ Fel Fireball can be interrupted, it’s possible that your raid leader will ask you to stay on him instead of helping out on the mistress, so just pay attention.

Felflame Infernals

Ranged DPS is usually assigned to deal with these adds because they move around too much for melee to be able to do anything substantial. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them though. Keep an eye out for their AoE. It looks like a Warlock’s Hellfire, except it’s green. Stay away from it.

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