A Demon’s Souls Mage Build

Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Commentary, Guides |

Here’s my mage PvE build for Demon’s Souls. It borrows ideas from two existing builds: the Demon Mage and the VIT North Regalia. The concept is simple: have Magic high enough to deal decent damage on its own (without bonuses) and also have enough health to take advantage of the Morion Blade + Clever Rat’s Ring combo. The build is intended to make your toon a glass cannon.

Starting ClassMagician
GearSilver Coronet
Wooden Catalyst
Morion Blade
Clever Rat’s Ring
Kris Blade +5
Ring of Magical Sharpness
Magic Sword “Makoto”

This should bring you to SL 105. Vit 60 should give you decent health whether in soul or body form. I recommend equipping the Cling Ring in soul form while you’re getting used to the build. Int/Will 24 gives you 4 spell slots while 10 Faith grants 1 miracle, enough for Evacuate. I recommend Homing Soul Arrow and Fireball for the spell slots. HSA is your boss-killer while Fireball is for mobs. Replace the latter with Soul Ray or Flame Toss depending on the occasion, or in case you don’t have Fireball yet.

The Silver Coronet will help with the relatively low Int/Will score. I recommend you increase this once you have more souls to spare. The low score also explains why I recommend using a Wooden Catalyst. Needless to say, it’s going to be a must to boost this number further if you want to use an Insanity Catalyst instead.

As you can tell by now, the point of this build is to combine magic with the damage boost from the Morion Blade + Clever Rat’s Ring combo. For mobs, Fireball will be sufficient as your mainstay spell. Use Homing Soul Arrow for bosses. Use the Ring of Magical Sharpness and Kris Blade if you prefer to keep your health high, then reduce it with Makoto once you get to the boss. Even without the damage bonus, a score of 50 Magic is enough to cause substantial damage to your enemies.

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