Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: Crafting Epic Gems

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  1. The quality of the shards determine the value of the result. If you want the best results, combine 2 pristine shards.
  2. The formulas are commutative. Fire shard + magic shard = magic shard + fire shard.
  3. “X” = variable used to represent a number, the value of which is determined by shard quality.
Shard 1Shard 2Result
PhysicalPhysical+X% damage and +Y% damage resistance
PhysicalFire / Ice / Lightning / Poison+X% gold drops
PhysicalMagic+1 to all unlocked Might abilities
PhysicalProtection+X% experience bonus
MagicFire / Ice / Lightning-X% mana costs
MagicPoison+1 to all unlocked Finesse abilities
MagicProtection+1 to the first 4 tiers of unlocked Might, Finesse and Sorcery abilities
MagicMagic+1 to all unlocked Sorcery abilities
ProtectionMagic+Y% experience bonus (lower than physical + protection)
FireIce / Lightning+X% fire, ice and lightning damage
PoisonFire / Ice / Lightning+X health and +X mana
ProtectionProtectionX% chance to stun enemies when attacked
FireFireX% chance to burn enemies when attacked
PoisonPoisonX% chance to poison enemies when attacked
LightningLightningX% chance to shock enemies when attacked
IceIceX% chance to freeze enemies when attacked

Let me know if I missed anything.

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