Rants and Raves: Final Fantasy XIII-2

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I have to admit that I completely ignored Final Fantasy XIII-2 the moment I learned that Lightning wasn’t going to be the lead. I found her cold, no-nonsense attitude very appealing. She was strong, determined and hell-bent on completing her mission. Her demeanor was a refreshing change from the young, male protagonists from previous titles of the series. As if not having her as the main character wasn’t bad enough, she was replaced by her sister Serah, the damsel in distress whose purpose was to merely give Lightning somebody to rescue.

Why did I buy it? Because I couldn’t pass up on a premium title that was being sold at one-third of its price. So a couple of weeks ago I found myself the owner of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I had no idea how good it was going to be back then.

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New Releases For This Week

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Tuesday, January 31:
BioShock 2–Mac–Feral Interactive
Final Fantasy XIII-2–PS3, X360–Square Enix
NeverDead–PS3, X360–Konami
SoulCalibur V–PS3, X360–Namco Bandai

Wednesday, February 1:
Rhythm Party–X360–Konami

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