Running Heroics As A Starting Rogue

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Note that this was written with new rogues in mind. I recently ran a fail group on my DK and it was tough to see a fellow rogue just suck at DPS. I was tanking Anub’Arak in AN and things were going well until he burrowed and the adds came. Recount told me that I was number two in DPS, behind the mage but above the rogue. You know that a group is fail when the tank is doing more damage than the rest of the group.

So, here’s a little something to raise your DPS in heroic 5-mans:

  • Go Combat. Equip your best weapons, then spec into it.
  • Set the tank as your focus target (click on the tank, type “/focus”).
  • Make this macro and map it to a button:
    • /cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade
  • Doing the above will cast TotT on the tank.
  • Everytime your tank pulls, hit the macro, then spam Fan of Knives.
  • Profit!
  • For big pulls, cast Blade Flurry, TotT, FoK. Whenever BF is up, remember to stand close to two adds or more since you’re cleaving.
  • For big, prolonged pulls, cast Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry, TotT, FoK.
  • More profit!

It’s an oversimplification and sort of a repeat post, but hopefully it should get things started on the road to better DPS. Seriously. What I just saw was painful to watch.

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On Actually Doing DPS

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Let’s say you have the best possible gear that’s accessible to you, all fully gemmed and enchanted and you’re ready to go. How do you go about dealing maximum DPS?

Slice and Dice

If you use WWS while raiding, you’ll see that your swing damage is where most of your DPS comes from. Swing is your default, non-ability attack. It’s what happens when you right-click on a hostile target, click on the Attack button or cast /startattack. Since it makes up a good chunk of your overall DPS, keeping Slice and Dice up should be your number one priority. Don’t let it drop.

Hunger for Blood

If you’re specced for Assassination, then this one’s a no-brainer. Keep HfB up along with SnD. Maintaining SnD is simplified thanks to Cut to the Chase, so the only thing you have to look out for is HfB. You’re not the only class capable of causing bleed damage so keep an eye out for it so you can apply cast the skill ASAP.

Rupture > Eviscerate/Envenom

The fast and flawed advice here is to cast Rupture once you have SnD (or SnD + HfB) up. However, some mobs die too fast for Rupture to finish its duration. In that case, it’s better to hit Eviscerate or Envenom, depending on your spec. Obviously, you should cast Rupture first before the other two during boss fights.

Fan of Knives

For trash pulls and multiple mobs, Fan of Knives is your best friend. Get into range and spam the hell out of it. You’ll be dealing damage that even casters will be envious of. You can combine FoK with Blade Flurry or Adrenaline Rush for mad DPS. Also, don’t forget to cast Tricks of the Trade on your tank prior to spamming it.

Yes, I know that it’s going to get nerfed in the next patch, but it was bound to happen. We’re not supposed to be an AoE class. It’s nice to finally have an AoE skill after all these years but we shouldn’t be topping damage meters because of it. Single-target fights should be our area of expertise.

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