Dragon Age: Inquisition Item Duplication

Dragon Age: Inquisition Item Duplication

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This is obviously an exploit. It doesn’t work on everything but they say it works on all metals and most leathers. It does not work on herbs.

  • Open your inventory then select the item you want to duplicate. Move it to Valuables. On PS4, that’s done by pressing L2.
  • Go to a vendor then proceed to sell. Go to Valuables and press Sell All then Sell individually in quick succession. On PS4, that’s Triangle quickly followed by X.
  • You’ll know you did it correctly when the item disappears, indicating a successful “Sell All”, and you get a window prompting you for the number of items you want to sell.
  • Go to the buyback screen. You should be able to buy back double the number of items you sold originally.
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Your Thoughts On Exploits

Posted by on Feb 9, 2010 in Commentary | 2 comments

Let’s talk about exploits. We know that Ensidia got banned for exploiting the Lich King encounter. We also know that the fight is not the only thing that’s exploitable out there. For example, it’s possible to trivialize the second half of Halls of Reflection by having the Lich King walk in front of the group. My question here is this: how do you feel about exploits?

For the sake of definition, an exploit is doing something that works outside of how a fight is supposed to progress. In the above example, your group is supposed to defeat the mobs before the Lich King gets close. By putting the Lich King in front, your group is effectively removing his presence and the threat he imposes. It’s not the way the fight’s supposed to work and is therefore an exploit. If you’re causing adds to despawn on an encounter that’s supposed to have them, that’s an exploit. If you’re off-tanking the said adds, that’s not an exploit.

I’ll admit that my definition of an exploit could be wrong and is open to interpretation, but I suggest you throw it out there anyway. My own thoughts on the matter will be shared later. I don’t want to influence what you guys have to say.

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