Skyrim Creation Kit Out On Tuesday

Skyrim Creation Kit Out On Tuesday

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The long-awaited Creation Kit for Skyrim will be released on Tuesday, finally giving players the official tools to make mods for the game. Marketing VP Pete Hines announced the release date through a tweet recently and also promised a special surprise to come along with it. What it is is anyone’s guess.

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Skyrim: Life As A Destruction Mage

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in Commentary | 2 comments

The following is both a guide and a narrative on the learning points that I went through as a mage in Skyrim. Most of it is informative, but I have to admit that some of my realizations are so obvious I wanted to slap myself silly for not seeing them earlier.


Playing a mage in Skyrim is a different experience compared to previous TES titles because of two things:

· Custom spell creation is currently not supported.

· There is no spellcasting equivalent for stacking Fortify Smithing.

Both Oblivion and Morrowind supported custom spell creation, allowing players to make their own spells. This led to the discovery of spell combinations that were beyond what the game could handle. It was possible, for example, to craft a single spell that caused Fire damage and Weakness to Fire at the same time. The two effects complemented each other, boosting the damage output so much that most foes died from a single hit. This, along with the discovery of other combinations, made most fights trivial.

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On Skyrim

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Skyrim. I’ve been playing it for about three weeks now and I’m having difficulty finding a place to start from when I try to write about it. I guess I’ll start with how the character I’m playing now turned out.

I originally intended to turn her into a dual-wielding warrior. Dual-wielding was only possible through mods in Oblivion so seeing it available in Skyrim’s introduction sequence was refreshing and, I have to admit, a bit exciting to see. This was how I played the game until I was around level 20.

Things took a different turn when I found a few exploits online. I was able to get Sneak up to around 80 by attacking the Greybeards, then I maxed Speech by repeatedly selecting the correct dialog options in Riften, going as far as creating a macro using my G15 keyboard to automate the process. Predictably, doing this bit me in the ass later on. The monsters scaled beyond my ability to fight them and I found myself scrambling for a solution when the first elite dragon showed up.

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