Bullet Point Updates

Posted by on Jul 20, 2010 in Commentary | 2 comments

• I am currently on forced break from raiding because of work. My shift is in the daytime, which is 12 hours away from my guild’s EST raiding schedule so that means no raiding for me until Wednesday.

• I still need that dagger from Dreamwalker. It sucks when the drops you need are from a boss you don’t kill regularly.

• Watching that Lich King video from Tankspot has influenced me to respec my druid as a tank. Cow has a priest who’s close to my druid’s level so we’ve been running random 5s when we can. While I find tanking as a bear a lot easier than doing the same with my DK, I can’t help but notice how boring it is to watch. From a visual perspective, it’s like everything is happening in slow motion. I’m usually falling asleep after two instances, sometimes one if we fall into a group where I am top DPS.

• I revisited Dragon Age: Origins after finding and reading this solo guide online. I’ve always played the game as a mage because of how OP it is (dropping a fireball in the middle of a tight group never gets old), but the guide said something about using a rogue instead. So I rolled one and I’m surprised to say that it’s been an enjoyable experience so far. It’s not how the game was meant to be played but it feels good to be able to take on hordes of opponents by myself. Of course, doing so using a head-on approach isn’t usually the best way to do it but part of the fun is finding that out and eventually coming up with a solution. I’m not staying true to the guide as I should be though. Stacking traps on top of each other to get cheap kills isn’t above me, for example. This whole solo thing is actually making me think about doing it again, this time using a warrior.

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