On Skyrim

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Commentary | 4 comments

Skyrim. I’ve been playing it for about three weeks now and I’m having difficulty finding a place to start from when I try to write about it. I guess I’ll start with how the character I’m playing now turned out.

I originally intended to turn her into a dual-wielding warrior. Dual-wielding was only possible through mods in Oblivion so seeing it available in Skyrim’s introduction sequence was refreshing and, I have to admit, a bit exciting to see. This was how I played the game until I was around level 20.

Things took a different turn when I found a few exploits online. I was able to get Sneak up to around 80 by attacking the Greybeards, then I maxed Speech by repeatedly selecting the correct dialog options in Riften, going as far as creating a macro using my G15 keyboard to automate the process. Predictably, doing this bit me in the ass later on. The monsters scaled beyond my ability to fight them and I found myself scrambling for a solution when the first elite dragon showed up.

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