Getting A New Computer

Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in Commentary | 5 comments

Last Saturday my brother and I went to one of the PC hubs here in Manila (AKA Gilmore to those of you who know it) to buy a new computer. It’s my long overdue upgrade, and by upgrade I mean I’m buying a completely new rig and not just upgrading a part or two. I’ve wanted to get a new PC since last year and now that I have the money for it I decided it was time to get one. Prior to the trip we spent two days mixing and matching parts to fit the budget that I had in mind (30k PHP, which is roughly 650 USD) but since I don’t keep myself updated on PC hardware I knew I needed help. The subreddit BuildAPC ( gave me the information I was looking for. The specs involved two core pieces: an Intel i5 processor and a video card with as much power as the money allowed.

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