First Day Impressions

First Day Impressions

Posted by on Aug 6, 2009 in Commentary |

cotc Patch 3.2 is in full swing and as a Combat Rogue, there aren’t a lot of changes worth noting yet. The biggest one is the ability to use one-handed axes, which is the least stealthy weapon that I can think of. However, one can also say the same about swords and maces so there’s really no point in arguing. It’s also a little too early to tell how much of an impact axes will make to Rogue DPS. Hell, I’ve yet to learn the skill to use them.

Blizzard has kept its word regarding the dailies though. One of the dilemmas of getting the Crusader title was that you lose the faction dailies. No dailies, no gold. Thankfully, the patch opens several new quests that you can repeat to your delight. Furthermore, they give players the opportunity to get more Champion’s Seals per day, making the grind to those mounts less of a pain. You can also make your squire a little more useful than being a banner carrier.

I’ll post an update on the Icecrown dailies once I get used to the new dailies. They’re pretty straightforward (I like the new quest log, by the way) so they’re easy to do. Finding the quickest way to do them all is the tricky part.

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