Deception IV and Hearthstone

Deception IV and Hearthstone

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Commentary, featured |

I’ve been keeping an eye on Deception IV ever since I first read about it online. I played one of the older versions back on the original Playstation and, while I don’t remember finishing it, it was memorable enough for me to want to experience it again.

The simplest way to describe Deception’s gameplay is to call it a hybrid trap/puzzle game. Your goal is to kill your enemies using traps. The puzzle half comes in when you use the traps in a manner that would make Rube Goldberg proud. For example, you can use a bear trap to pin your enemies in place, then hit them with a giant axe to knock them to a spot where you can cut them with a buzzsaw. The entire point of the game is to use traps to inflict as much pain as possible. When you get the hang of it, your inner sadist will be laughing with glee.

A couple of friends have been trying to get me to play Hearthstone for a while now and I finally decided to give it a shot when it was released on iPad. I’ve been playing semi-regularly ever since. I like the accessibility and fast pace. Like all CCGs, there’s a lot of luck involved so it’s hard not to get upset when the RNG isn’t on my side. But losing due to randomness is nothing compared to defeat caused by error. I’ve lost several matches due to a single mistake. I guess that’s the cost of the game’s pacing.

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