Noblegarden Woes

Noblegarden Woes

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Commentary |


When it comes to holiday events the first thing I do is to check how long it’ll last, just to gauge how much time I have. Noblegarden gives us a week to do the achievements. I panicked, with as much panic as one can give to a video game (read: not much, but I did mutter “oh shit”). Holiday achievements are time-consuming, which is why I do them on weekends. Given the time limit, I estimated that I had three days to do them all.

Day 1

So I started collecting eggs, first in Razor Hill. The competition was somewhat fierce. It was mildly irritating to lose on what is essentially a click-fest but I dealt with it anyway. Considering all the egg-chasing I thought it would be better to do it in an area that no one visits: Silvermoon. Falconwing Square, to be exact.

Sin’s a Blood Elf, so I consider it shameful that I had to think about where Falconwing Square was. It’s supposed to be her hometown. When I finally figured it out (I refused to Google/WoWHead/WoWWiki it out of pride/masochism), I wasn’t surprised to find other people there. Still, the area was small enough to make hunting for eggs easier.

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