On The Razer Blackwidow

On The Razer Blackwidow

Posted by on Jan 10, 2012 in Commentary |


I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a mechanical keyboard. I didn’t need one because the Logitech G15 I’ve been using is still working perfectly. But I’ve been curious since I first heard about mechanical keyboards so I figured that I should get one while the funds are still flexible. I also thought that getting one fits as sort of an acknowledgment for the blog for having an interesting year.

So there it is, a Razer Blackwidow, one of the cheaper models out there because I didn’t want to gamble too much. The material I found on it said it’s a solid model and so far it has yet to disappoint. Not that I’m hoping for that to happen, mind you, but like I said it’s a gamble. I like the old school feel, from the texture of the individual keys to the sound they make. Naturally, I’ve had some thoughts about using this in the office and came to the conclusion that it won’t be a good idea. First, the noise will likely drive my co-workers crazy. Second, anyone in the nearby vicinity will be able to tell if you’re typing or not, giving them a clear indication about your productivity. Or, more importantly, the lack of it.

While it’s certainly a lot of fun to type with, I’m still holding off on whether it will actually help my gaming. I don’t really think so, but we’ll see. It’s probably too early to tell, but I like it so far.

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