On Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

On Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

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I went into Record Breaker almost blind. I knew it was a Shin Megami Tensei spinoff and that it plays like a tactical role-playing game. That’s it. Now that I’ve finished one playthrough, my thoughts are a mess right now but I’m going to try to summarize them as best as I can.

I found the Persona elements surprising if a little forced. Once again, the protagonist is almost a blank slate. Choosing the responses that play it cool and make large leaps of logic usually result in a relationship boost. It can be off-putting at times, but the latter can also be said of any Persona protagonist. What makes it rewarding in Persona is the series’ dedication to relationship-building. Record Breaker makes a half-baked effort at it, with matching results.

Demon fusion is fun thanks to the skill transfers. I found myself going back and recreating some of the lower level demons in order to give them late-game skills, ones that they would not normally have access to. I was mostly doing it for the ridiculousness of it.

Demon fusion also feels more important than it is in Persona because I wasn’t only concerned with the protagonist’s demons. I had to make sure that everyone’s minions were up to par. It was tedious at first but eventually got better once the interesting skills started appearing.

The plot was standard SMT fare. That means it’s bleak as hell. But I’ve always found it difficult to take anything chibi seriously. Sure, the characters are drawn like normal people during dialogue scenes, but anytime things switch to gameplay mode then things turn chibi. Or chibi-ish. Chibi-like? Anyway, you get the idea. And yes, I’m aware that horrifying things happen to some of those super-deformed figures. I remain unaffected.

By the way, I only played the Septentrione Arc.

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Persona 4 Golden: Early Victory Cry With Kaiwan

Persona 4 Golden: Early Victory Cry With Kaiwan

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Just a quick post for personal reference. Here’s how to get Victory Cry as early as June 24, the earliest time you can get it. The point of this process is to limit the number of skills Tetrakarn can change to, increasing the chances of getting Victory Cry. I strongly recommend using different save slots.

You’ll need the following:

  • Ghoul
  • Oberon
  • Pixie
  • Ukobach
  • 13,000 Yen

Ready? Here goes:

  1. Ukobach + Ghoul = Kaiwan. One of the skills will change. That skill should be Tetrakarn. Reload if it’s not. Save your game once you get it.
  2. Kaiwan + Oberon = Matador. Make sure that the changed skill is inherited. Save again.
  3. Matador + Ghoul = Mokoi. Again, one of the skills will change. What you want is for whatever skill Tetrakarn changed to change to something else. Reload until you get it. It’s possible for it to change back to Tetrakarn. Reload if that happens. Save again.
  4. Mokoi + Pixie = Oberon. Make sure that the changed skill is inherited. Save again.
  5. Kaiwan + Oberon = Matador. You should now have two Tetrakarns. Save.
  6. Matador + Ukobach = Kaiwan. Keep reloading until you get Victory Cry.

It’s possible for Tetrakarn to change to powerful skills like Brave Blade (single-target severe physical damage) and Repel Element (such as Ice, Elec, Physical).

Source: GameFAQs

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Catherine Demo To Be Released

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Atlus has been working on a mysterious project called Catherine and it’s due for release in Japan next month. And no one knows a single freaking thing about this game. Just what the hell is it? Well, we’ll know soon. Because the game’s director Katsura Hashino has revealed that a demo of the game will be releasing soon on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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