Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Recommended Early Game Augmentations

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Recommended Early Game Augmentations

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Taking a non-lethal approach generally gives more XP than a lethal one, so this list was made with that in mind. Non-lethal tactics mean more than just avoiding fights. It also means making sure that Adam can access all paths.

This list focuses on what augmentations to take during the early game.

Social Enhancer Get the most out of the dialogue challenges. This also allows interrupts during conversations, providing more XP and speech options.Getting this can be delayed, but make sure you do before boarding the first train.
Hacking Capture Start with level 1, then raise it to 3 before you ride the first train. This should let you hack most of the locks you run into during the early parts of the game.
Optional: Hacking Stealth Raise it to at least 1 if you want to keep your sanity. Or want to minimize save scumming.
Smart Vision Awareness is crucial to stealth.
Optional: Magpie Highly recommended if you want all that loot.
Optimized Musculature Get the heavy lifting out of the way.
Optional: Punch Through Wall Recommended but note that there are other ways of breaking walls.
Remote Hacking Works on lasers, robots, cameras. Required for some paths to become available.
Optional: Icarus Landing Removing fall damage is very convenient.
Optional: Icarus Dash Gives you more mobility, especially when maxed out. WARNING: Using Charged Dash to knock out opponents will void the Ghost bonus.
Optional: Glass-Shield Cloaking I don’t need to explain this, right? I’m only marking it as optional because I rarely used it.
Klipspringer Jump Mod Reach those greater heights.


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