‘Sin Spec: The Highs & Lows

Posted by on Dec 17, 2008 in Commentary |

I’m lagging behind my guildmates on the DPS race due to my pathetic gear. I missed out on an instance marathon due to work and I’m now paying the consequences for trying to live a life outside of WoW. Yes, yes, I know. The whining and dining will stop there.

I’ve been looking at other builds for my rogue recently because Hunger for Blood is a bitch to maintain. There, I said it. Assassination is a tree that will keep you awake during raids due to the fact that its rotations are more complicated than Combat. I tried creating a dagger-based build for the truly lazy and came up with something focused on Sinister Strike. Now, I know that Backstab is supposed to be the attack skill of choice for Combat Daggers, but I did say “truly lazy”, right?. I keep hearing that ‘Sin (my shortcut for Assassination) specs have the best DPS output, but its learning curve is definitely a rude awakening for those who aren’t used to it.

There are two things that are preventing me from actually doing a respec: Mutilate and crits. Mutilate is well worth the talent-point investment and should be the only choice for Rogues who prefer using daggers. ‘Sin’s critical hits are just plain addictive to see. You’ll want to get an addon that will make your crits more obvious like SCT or MSBT that changes the fonts or Comix that plays sounds. They’re only aesthetic changes, but ones that you’ll learn to appreciate.