Rogue Specs For 3.1

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in Commentary |

3.1 is out. To be honest, it’s still too early to determine what the optimum spec is but keep your eyes open on the Rogues section of the EJ forums. Use a spreadsheet when you can. I’m still waiting for Vulajin to update his. The quick-and-dirty response to the spec question is to take a look at your weapons. If you’ve got good swords and/or fist weapons then go with Combat. If your daggers are better, then go with Assassination. Dual specs are live, so you can go with both if you want to.

As for the actual specs themselves, here they are:

Poisons: Wound MH, Deadly OH

Note that the third major glyph is up to you. You can use Killing Spree, Adrenaline Rush, Slice and Dice or Tricks of the Trade. Also, the update to Lightning Reflexes throws the old Fist MH / Sword OH out the window because there aren’t enough points left to assign for both CQC and Sword Specialization

I should also mention that there is another Combat spec out there that’s been receiving a lot of attention, but I’ll wait until I see better confirmation about its viability.

Poisons: Instant MH, Deadly OH.

Like before, feel free to swap Fleet Footed with Murder. The jury’s still out on which one’s better: Master Poisoner or Turn the Tables. Otherwise, Assassination is relatively unchanged. As soon as I find out more information about specs, glyphs and other things, I’ll post them here.