Rogue DPS & Rolling A Death Knight

Posted by on Dec 17, 2008 in Commentary |

I read this post on Forever A Noob and, while I share the whine about rogue DPS (more like the lack of it), it’s comforting that I’m not the only one experiencing it. I still consider myself in the learning phase of all things related to rogues so there’s always doubt about the gear, talents, rotations and skills that I’m using. If I’m not on top of my party’s DPS list, “am I doing this right?” is among the first questions that come to mind.

My inability to keep up with my guild’s raid schedule has led me to shelf my rogue if no raids are ongoing. The DPS is disappointing and I don’t really join PUGs. I’m currently having a lot of fun with my death knight alt. There’s something about multi-mob killing that’s very satisfying. For once, I created a male toon. My DK would’ve been a female BE too (similar to my rogue) had it not been for the awkward-looking animations. Male BEs look better wielding two-handed swords and axes than their female counterparts, so that served as the deciding factor. And no, I don’t have plans to dual-wield right now. My rogue is already doing that.

Some of my guildmates are asking if I’ll be switching mains, considering the amount of time I’m spending on my DK. For now, no, and I’m only saying that because I don’t like making final statements. My rogue is still my main. I’m just waiting to get her properly geared before I start playing her seriously again. I just wish I could meet those raiding schedules.