Noblegarden Woes

Noblegarden Woes

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When it comes to holiday events the first thing I do is to check how long it’ll last, just to gauge how much time I have. Noblegarden gives us a week to do the achievements. I panicked, with as much panic as one can give to a video game (read: not much, but I did mutter “oh shit”). Holiday achievements are time-consuming, which is why I do them on weekends. Given the time limit, I estimated that I had three days to do them all.

Day 1

So I started collecting eggs, first in Razor Hill. The competition was somewhat fierce. It was mildly irritating to lose on what is essentially a click-fest but I dealt with it anyway. Considering all the egg-chasing I thought it would be better to do it in an area that no one visits: Silvermoon. Falconwing Square, to be exact.

Sin’s a Blood Elf, so I consider it shameful that I had to think about where Falconwing Square was. It’s supposed to be her hometown. When I finally figured it out (I refused to Google/WoWHead/WoWWiki it out of pride/masochism), I wasn’t surprised to find other people there. Still, the area was small enough to make hunting for eggs easier.

Here’s a tip: camp the fountain. Look for eggs under the benches too. Otherwise, camp the fountain. Another player actually figured this out so I ended up competing with him/her but at least it was just the two of us. I managed to get two hundred eggs or so in about two hours (yes, I’m a sick bastard and I have no life). I managed to loot the shirt, pants and bunny ears from the eggs. No mini-pet though. I had to buy that from the vendor. I ended that day with all but two achievements required for the title remaining.

Day 2

Earlier today I hung around Dalaran looking for female toons to put rabbit ears on. Our server’s horde-heavy, so I had no problems with Undead, Troll, Tauren and Blood Elf. A Night Elf girl was in front of the barber shop yesterday so that’s already done. I saw a female Draenei in the JC shop and a Human near the Alliance-side bank. Finding an Orc girl is always a challenge for me. There was one fishing by the Dalaran fountain who already had bunny ears so I spammed the item until her bunny ears wore off and mine came into play. I saw a Dwarf near the Alliance bank. She was surrounded by other Horde players so I felt like I was going to have to fight for it. I did the same button mash I did with the Orc and eventually prevailed.

I was now left with the Gnome.

I remember the last time I had to find a Gnome to get a holiday achievement. Having failed to find one in Dalaran after about a day or two of waiting, I decided to head over to the Gnome starting area and try my luck there. Fortunately, I ran into one in Loch Modan. That was then. I was beginning to wonder if I would need to do the same thing now. Then I saw her. She was a Gnome in Dalaran who was running around Dalaran unmounted. She was in front of the Alliance bank, then made her way to the flight path, turned before she could actually get there and stood in front of the Horde-only entrance. I was actually wondering if she was doing that on purpose, knowing that people were looking for someone like her to tag with the bunny ears. I stalked her for a while, waiting for my cooldown to expire. When it did, I used it on her and gave her the /thank emote.

I had to stalk a Gnome to get an achievement. I’m grateful, but really now.

The last thing that I needed to do was to lay an egg as a rabbit in Un’goro. Here’s another tip: type “/who Un’goro” to find out how many people are in the area. It was easy enough to find someone there to transform me into a rabbit, making the achievement easy. Of course, if you have a friend with you, that /who thing I just typed is moot.

Good luck with Noblegarden. I’m sick of seeing eggs at this point.