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Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in Commentary |

I haven’t been writing because it’s been tough to find the time for it. I recently relocated so rebuilding my life has been the primary focus. Now that things are a bit more stable I can write again.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is the first game that captured my attention since I moved. The main plot is more about how the series defines divinity instead of a full-blown sequel of the first game. There are also subplots with the recruitable NPCs so it’s got plenty of content for the lore-hungry players out there. They revamped combat with the addition of physical and magical armor that sit on top of health points, making fighting a bit more challenging since most status effects won’t do anything unless armor is depleted first. A word to the wise: the game heavily favors physical damage so if you’re looking for an easier time, make sure to follow that route.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen came next. I played some of it on PS4 but the load times there were horrible so I tried it out on PC. It was certainly a more pleasant experience playing it there. I actually managed to finish the game.

After that I tried to get back into the PS4. I finally bought Shadow of War and Dragon’s Crown Pro. I tried playing the former on Nemesis difficulty, which is a notch tougher than normal difficulty, but ultimately concluded that it wasn’t for me. The game does a lot of cheap things to make things tougher and as much as I tried to power through it at some point it felt like it wasn’t worth it. Now, I know it’s not a Souls game, but when things are still difficult after 30 hours of playing, it might be a good idea to tone things down a bit.