New Year, New Profession

New Year, New Profession

Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in Commentary |

42-18712046 With the Christmas break and all I decided to do something that I’ve been considering for a long time: I dropped Skinning and switched to Jewelcrafting. Here’s what I found out in the process:

1. The benefit of Skinning is Master of Anatomy, a passive buff to critical strike. I was at 37.XX% with it. Without, it dropped to 36.XX%. For the math crunchers out there, I apologize if this is going to sound idiotic without knowing the numbers too well, but I felt stupid for clinging to 1 percent for so long.

2. As with most major undertakings in-game, I didn’t plan things out very well. It took me close to three days to level JC from 1 to 400. I’m at 430 now. I nearly had all the mats I needed to get to 300, but when I got there I was stuck. I didn’t have enough gems or ores from TBC to level properly. Thankfully, my DK alt is a miner and I have a guildmate who told me where to go to farm the mats (thanks Arianya!).

3. Obviously, my goal is to buff my DPS. I created my first Dragon’s Eye earlier so hopefully I see results in a couple of days when I have all three. Plus, there’s always something new about the profession. JC has dailies that I still need to learn. I think it’s unfair that it has those while the other professions don’t.

At least I have a reason to actually play my DK now. He’s mining stuff for Sin.