Naxxramas Weekend Raid 2

Posted by on Mar 6, 2009 in Commentary |

Day 2 showed the availability of our main tank, so I was off the off-tank duty and was able to play my rogue Sin. Not that I was expecting to get anything out of Naxx (my dice rolls are a joke), but it always feels good to be playing the DPSer instead of the tank. We downed Loatheb, rolled for the shoulder token and then moved on to the Construct Quarter. Patchwerk enraged nearly a minute earlier than expected but we killed him nonetheless. The Military Quarter was next.

Both the Military and Construct Quarters are unfamiliar territories for us. Our last attempt with The Four Horsemen wasn’t great so we knew what we were in for. It took us less than ten tries to get it done, but in the end we managed to get past them as well, thereby getting the achievement.

We went back to the Construct Quarter and tried our hand at downing Grobbulus. Latency problems reared their ugly heads again and prevented us from progressing. Our MT had to go somewhere so we took a two-hour break. I set my alarm, took a quick nap and then woke up two hours later with my eyes seeing double. I’ve had this sort of thing happen to me before, but maybe it was a combination of that plus the literal nearly two-day marathon that led to me to being passive about the fight. We weren’t able to go beyond him so we all called it a night.

That covers last weekend’s Naxx raid. Day 1 was about clearing the bosses that we were already familiar with and day 2 marked progression for our guild. Overall, it was pretty good considering that we were all out of practice. We cleared the Military Quarter and managed to do most of the fights in one or two tries. I feel pretty good about how the Heigan dance went off, in particular.